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What is the biggest reason for choosing the music you listen to, for you?

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Jan 23, 2016 in Music by anonymous
I like this artist
I like the beat
I like voices like this
It prompts a particular mood
It makes for the soundtrack of my life
Lofty, artsy fartsy response goes here

14 Answers

Freeranger Jan 23, 2016
It prompts a particular mood

For me, it's always about a mood, generally dictated by what I absorb through my senses at some point of the day.  It's why I could never state that I have a "favorite" anything.  How can you when....moods and flavors of moods change?  At least, that's how it runs for me.

NoLongerHere Freeranger Feb 9, 2016
@ FR  I could not of put that any better myself because that's exactly why I listen to the music with so many flavours that I do and could never say

"this is my favourite genre"

Freeranger Freeranger Feb 10, 2016
you get it then ;)
NoLongerHere Freeranger Feb 10, 2016
@ FR   this was running thru my Head earlier when certain members who have now been DA'd were attacking Platinum relentlessly and they had him blocked  lolz

Yeah I get it  *wink*
Freeranger Freeranger Feb 10, 2016
NoLongerHere Freeranger Feb 10, 2016
@ FR   Now I've mellowed out  lolz

Freeranger Freeranger Feb 10, 2016
I see it was based on a true story. ;p
Jan 23, 2016

I like, lower register, slightly raspy voices.

NoLongerHere Feb 9, 2016
@ Gun  Love that Mazzy Star

you'll like this , if you like that kind of voice

Feb 9, 2016
That's because it's the same girl singing! ;-)
Hope Sandoval

(And this is in my iTunes as we speak!)
NoLongerHere Feb 10, 2016
@ GUN  Wow! I never knew that  

I remember this Group though , her voice has got more raspiness to it these days ........Love her voice
lucythetooth Jan 23, 2016
Lofty, artsy fartsy response goes here

My lofty, artsy fartsy response is... I put a song in my playlist because I like the song.  I have music from nearly every genre except opera and dubstep.  

lucythetooth Jan 23, 2016
Yes, of course, but the question is WHY do you like the song. I have everything from Classical to Foreign Language, to Classic Rock to New Wave, to Weird Shit.
lucythetooth lucythetooth Jan 23, 2016
Some have a good beat, or lyrics, or they're from a movie or TV show I like.  Others have good instrumentals or vocals or they remind me of a happy time.  Some are good to listen to when I'm angry, letting me drive and scream along with the lyrics.  Each song is liked for a different reason, I guess.
TheOtherTink Jan 23, 2016
Lofty, artsy fartsy response goes here

I always have been partial to Beethoven.

NoLongerHere TheOtherTink Feb 9, 2016
@ TINK   Love it :)
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Feb 9, 2016
Yep, Beethoven is hard to beat.   :-)
amberleechoo Jan 23, 2016
I like this artist, I like the beat

Yeah what the song is about and how catchy it is. And also many times if it´s an artist I like more.

HeyCameron! Jan 23, 2016

It just depends. I like different types of music for different reasons. When it comes to classical, I obviously don't care about lyrics, but when it comes to rap, lyrics are the most important part (along with beat). I also love electronica because of the different varieties of electronic sounds. I like music in languages I don't understand because I like the sound of the languages...there are a lot of reasons. 

MidnightCowboy Jan 23, 2016
It prompts a particular mood

When I listen to Electronic music, I have to enjoy the loud beat, but when I listen to a Sounds of Nature CD, I have to relax.

NoLongerHere MidnightCowboy Feb 9, 2016
@ MC   did you join my post on SH , listen to this  :) you'll be amazed

Didge Jan 23, 2016

Melody rather than noise.

dragonfly46 Jan 25, 2016

What I'm doing at the time.

Cleaning house? Korn or Rage Against the Machine.

Drawing or painting? Anything classical.

Driving? Rap, Classical Rock, 80's club music.

Crying in my beer? Blues, Adele, Opera.

NoLongerHere dragonfly46 Feb 9, 2016
@ DF   lolz  Crying in your Beer  XD

dragonfly46 dragonfly46 Feb 9, 2016
Gotta have that cryin' in the beer music!
Charu Feb 2, 2016
Lofty, artsy fartsy response goes here

I listen to what is "speaking" to me at the now :)

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