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When you were a young child, did your parents scare you about the Boogeyman?

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Feb 7, 2016 in Family & Relationships by MidnightCowboy (26,138 points)

9 Answers

dragonfly46 Feb 7, 2016
Yes, my parents WERE the boogeymen.
OzSurfer dragonfly46 Feb 7, 2016
Not the boogieman but another sort of man that they said they could see in our lounge room sometimes and my mother would talk to him but I never could see him.  It terrified me and I never wanted to go in there and I just wanted her to stop but she wouldn't.
MidnightCowboy Feb 7, 2016

They did, but it was only to keep me from venturing out of my backyard and getting lost somewhere or someone possibly kidnapping me.

amberleechoo Feb 7, 2016

No they have never been talking about the Boogeyman for me.

Ancient_Hippy Feb 7, 2016

No, but I used to scare the heck out of my sister. I told her the boogeyman lived in her bedroom closet.

Skip Skip Ancient_Hippy Feb 8, 2016
That sounds like what my older brother told me.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy Feb 8, 2016
Brothers are like that. It's kinda born into us.
Skip Skip Feb 8, 2016

No, my parents didn't. But my older brother did. 

Fuzzy Corona Feb 8, 2016

No, but they did scare me about witches

Tinkerbell Apr 2, 2017

They sure did! They also told me they'd sell me to gypsies

TheOtherTink Apr 5, 2017

No, but they told me Wee Willie Winkie would tap on my bedroom window if I was not in bed on time. :O

Kninjanin Apr 5, 2017


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