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Is Same-Sex Marriage legal in the country where you reside?

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Feb 13, 2016 in Society & Culture by MidnightCowboy (26,138 points)

7 Answers

TheOtherTink Feb 13, 2016

Yes, but Henry Purcell knew better.

Platinum Feb 13, 2016

Yes I believe so, but I have no interest in it either way....don't agree with it but it's up to them...

MidnightCowboy Feb 13, 2016
In the United States, it is. The U.S. Supreme Court legalized Same-Sex Marriage in June 2015.
TheOtherTink MidnightCowboy Feb 13, 2016
And that's an example of legislating from the Bench, as your use of the word "legalized" demonstrates.

Remarkable, that no one ever discovered this right in the prior 240 years of this nation's history.   :-)
amberleechoo Feb 13, 2016

Yeah it has been legal in Sweden since 2009. I think that was too late and thought it was legalized earlier.

Didge Feb 13, 2016

No, but that's expected to change this year..

ajmsituation Feb 14, 2016

More or less.

lucythetooth Feb 15, 2016

Yep. Β It was legalized in the US last year.

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