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Have you ever been catfished or knew someone who was?

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Mar 6, 2016 in Internet by amberleechoo (19,060 points)
edited Mar 6, 2016 by amberleechoo

A person who pretends to be someone else through another fake identity which many times includes pictures of someone else. And then engage a relationship (mostly romantic) with someone online with their fake identity.



7 Answers

amberleechoo Mar 6, 2016
Thankfully it never happened me before or anyone else I know. And I would be smart enough to not let someone lure me like that.
TheOtherTink Mar 6, 2016

Not that I know of.

Deadcutie1994 Mar 6, 2016

I don't do online role play or sexting. While I'm sure the possibility exists I've talked to a few, on some of the fetish and BDSM forums I post in, I'm not caring on a romantic relationship with them, so no...

Freeranger Mar 6, 2016

Catfishing.....just one specie you catch on your hook occasionally right?

amberleechoo Freeranger Mar 6, 2016

Yeah that too :D

imagebandit Mar 6, 2016

it wasnt a sexual encounter but it cost mr 200 bucks

Didge Mar 7, 2016


Even so, I've seen lots of questions on sites like this from people -- especially youngsters -- who are very vulnerable to catfishers. They can't believe that the person who seems so "nice" on line might be anything other than what they claim.

ajmsituation Mar 9, 2016


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