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OK my Friends , I want you to post any Image you like using this method *smiling*

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Mar 9, 2016 in Suggestions by NoLongerHere (6,142 points)

Google anything you choose and find your Image 


PASTE in your comment box 

I know we can't Upload our pics from our files currently but 

we can still fill this site with great IMAGES.

5 Answers

amberleechoo Mar 9, 2016
David4004 Mar 9, 2016



TheOtherTink Mar 9, 2016

ANY image I choose?   But Ser, I CAN'T do that!!   Dan would ban me!  :O


Mar 9, 2016

This is how I always post images.

76May Mar 10, 2016
76May Mar 10, 2016

Sometimes it's something as ridiculous as removing the "s" after http. Not always, mind you, but often.


I used the little computer image icon (for adding an image) and just put in the url, nothing else. Whoot Whoot!

76May 76May Mar 12, 2016

okay, thank you!  I will try that.

Now it is working for me!  Thanks again, Gun!

76May Mar 12, 2016

Anytime! (Cute pup!)

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