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Have you ever felt like that you put a lot more effort into a relationship than the other significant?

+1 vote
Mar 22, 2016 in Family & Relationships by amberleechoo (19,060 points)


yes 2 votes, 67%
no 1 vote, 33%
undecided 0 votes

3 Answers

amberleechoo Mar 22, 2016
Sometimes it feels like that and that makes me lose hope, makes me weaker, sadder and more upset. I just want to try to put a lot effort into something and someone but it needs more than just one partner for being able to do it :´( I don´t want to give up but sometimes I just want to go to my bed and just cry. I just feel hopeless when I´m planning something but then become disappointed because of the other one. But when I really want something I don´t give up even if it´s very hard since the person is still worth it.
Deadcutie1994 Mar 22, 2016

It's always mutual.

Mar 23, 2016


Yeah, I'm working on that, as we speak.

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