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Were you a member of the original SodaHead?

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Sep 12, 2016 in Celebrities by CarlyMussenden (80 points)

Just trying to see if any of my old friends are on here since this site is basically just a clone.

7 Answers

Hitman Sep 12, 2016

No, I wasn't but there are people here that were. I think most are on Amirite now and some on blurtit. I've heard it was a good site but I haven't been in country a lot the last few years. Oh well.

CarlyMussenden Hitman Sep 12, 2016

Well, the thing about SodaHead was it was almost exactly like this web site here, same look and everything. And all of a sudden the site locked out members from logging into their accounts, with no warning whatsoever! Then the site just went downhill from there. It used to be a great community.

TheOtherTink Sep 13, 2016
CarlyMussenden TheOtherTink Sep 13, 2016

What as your name on there? I think I know you!

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Sep 13, 2016

My user name was "UGH...LIBS" and some of pictures that I used can be found here:

RachelA7X Oct 2, 2016

Yes, my name there was RachelA7X and I've only just discovered this website.

Lorelei Oct 30, 2016

I was, some of my old friends from there are on Facebook, some are on Amirite and a few are on both. I just joined here so I can't tell if any of them are here as well.

Marianne Nov 2, 2016

Yes, I was. :)

Eli666 Nov 8, 2016

Yes I was... hehe it still exists
Kninjanin Feb 20, 2017

I did not use SodaHead.

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