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So I am 17 years old and my boyfriend is 13....

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Sep 12, 2016 in Family & Relationships by CarlyMussenden (80 points)

So I know in a usual situation the man would be older than the woman.. not in this scenario. 

I am 17 (just turned 17 July 15) and my boyfriend is 13 (turning 14 this December).

I live in North Carolina and he's in New York, so it's an online relationship. 

I really do love him, though. 

But I'm turning 18 soon. 

What should I do?

6 Answers

Fuzzy Corona Sep 12, 2016

Not be in a relationship with someone five years younger than you when you're a teenager. 

Yin and Yang Mar 17

Your playing in a whole new ball field when you turn 18. Legally! Wait til the child is 18 please. Yah I said it! He is a child!

Kninjanin Mar 17

If it is an online relatioship, be careful! Maybe he is not a boy. He could be man 40 years older than you. He could be a scammer.

It is normal to have a younger boyfriend.

auxarcs Mar 18

Keep it an oline relationship and stay a ay from the children.   You should know better.   The age gap is bad enough but boys mature more slowly than girls mentally.   He is too young for you in more than one way.   

Apr 9

I would break it up. It does not sound good. It a fake relationship on the intenet. It be differ if you know home from seeing him or her. This stuff is danger. Drop it now before you get hurt. 

Kninjanin Apr 10

I agree.

You're an Adult in my eyes Carly and he is a Child 

need I say anymore. At 17 I was with a 24 yr old but I was very mature for my age. 

I can't even comprehend what you would have in common with a 13 yr old Boy.

Find someone closer to your own age. 

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