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What's the strongest drink that you've ever had ?

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Jan 1 in Other - Entertainment by Rooster (6,943 points)


7 Answers

AncientOne Jan 1

I would say the strongest I ever had, and it was only one jigger, was some stuff brewed in the mountains of Chile back in the 80s. It was semi sweet at first, went down real smooth then my mouth, throat, and stomach felt the slow (almost pleasurable) burn. I would say I was basically stoned in less than 10 minutes. Suffered a severe hangover for days after. I can't remember the name. It was what I would call a clear amber in color.

Didge AncientOne Jan 1

Sounds as though it's just as well you didn't finish off the bottle. It might have finished you off. :( 

Didge Jan 1

I'd love to say it was Kikapoo Joy Juice but to really I've stuck to the standard drinks. It wasn't the strength that affected me but the quantity. It's been a long time since I drank enough to have me dancing along the sidewalk. :) 

Rooster Didge Jan 2

Lil Abner stuff, huh ?

Didge Didge Jan 2

Indeed! I was thinking of introducing the Iggles into a question, either here or there, but haven't got around to it yet. Do you remember them? 

Tiger Paws Jan 2

I tried a Long Island Ice Tea once. Didn't finish it.

TheOtherTink Jan 2

A double martini.  :silly:

Marianne Jan 2

I can't remember - maybe a vodka or a special apple brandy (I drank rarely strong alcohols).

That would probably be 80 proof Vodka. It wasn't to bad though it was rather tasteless.
Echooos Jan 5

Bacardi 151 and Coke... that crap about knocked my socks off.

Rooster Echooos Jan 6

I bet it did Blue Eyes ! <3

Echooos Echooos Jan 6

 There's my sweetie!!!

Rooster Echooos Jan 7

<3 :P

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