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Who are Asians? From Asian continent or Mongoloid looking Chinese, Japanese, Korean..?

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Feb 22 in Society & Culture by Dan (4,755 points)
In U.S. people think it means Chinese,Japanese,Korean etc. In the U.K. it means Sri Lankans, Singaporeans, Indians.. Which is correct?

People from Asian continent
Mongoloid looking Chinese, Japanese, Korean..

6 Answers

TheOtherTink Feb 22

To avoid confusion, I usually just refer to the nationality in question, Indian, Chinese, etc.

If I want to refer to Chinese, Japanese, Koreans collectively, I might say East Asian.

Similarly, for India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, I might say South Asian, and for Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, Southeast Asian.

Rooster Feb 23
Mongoloid looking Chinese, Japanese, Korean..

I usually do the same as Tink. After many years in South East Asia, I think of them as Asian and Indians as Indians. I don't lump them all together as Asians.

Dan Rooster Apr 15

How about Northeast Indians who are part of India but looks mongoloid?



Rooster Rooster Apr 15

Good point Dan. Never have been to India and have never seen women who looked like that from there before. They almost look Burmese.

Dan Rooster Apr 15

Northeast India


U.S also have many ethnic groups but most of them are immigrants from other countries at one point of time. But in case of India, they belongs to the part of the land.
Kninjanin Feb 23
People from Asian continent

Indians and Iranians are Aryans. Arabs and Jews are Semits. Other people belong to Mongoloid race.

Marianne Feb 24
People from Asian continent

Asia is the biggest continent with various climate zones and a melting pot of various ethnic and language groups, civilisations and cultures:

Kharmeldove Feb 25
People from Asian continent

Asia is a vast continent with many races of people living in it. Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are Asian countries.

Kharmeldove Feb 25
People from Asian continent

Russia is located in Europe and Asia.....

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