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When you click on your avatar, what does the little money bag with $ on it mean?

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Mar 21 in Doubts by Tinkerbell (98 points)

5 Answers

Rooster Mar 21

That's how many points you've gathered from votes on your answers or questions. Takes a while to tally some up. You will.

Tinkerbell Rooster Mar 22

Thank you Rooster

Rooster Rooster Mar 22

You're welcome.

TheOtherTink Mar 22

It was supposed to be for prize money:D

See link for details.

Lol - thank you for the good laugh.


Rooster TheOtherTink Mar 22

We got ripped! :D

@ Rooster:


@ Marianne:


Thank you for the link. I'm still learning. I appreciate it!

@ Tinkerbell:

You're welcome!

Us Tinks have to stick together:)


THAT made my day!




Little angels "ma non troppo"?

:angel: :) :D

Marianne Mar 22

Lol - I was also wondering.

As far as I know, it must be, as Rooster said, the total of the points earned with votes and, probably, with posts and answers.


Tinkerbell Marianne Mar 22

Thank you, Marianne. I'm new here and just trying to navigate my way.

Marianne Marianne Mar 23
You're welcome, Tinkerbell. Nice to meet you - :) (I'd rather not ask if .....) :).

Tinkerbell Marianne Mar 23

@Marianne.........Lol. Seems like a friendly site. Hope to talk to you soon.  

Marianne Marianne Mar 24


Lol - Tinkerbell, we'll talk, of course .... :angel::D

Marianne Mar 22

Lol - T(h)ink!

The $ bag is gone. :O


I see only points ....


If you click on "Users" at the top of the page, you can still see $ Bags.

I want my money, Dan!  :D

Marianne Marianne Mar 22

Oh - yes, indeed, I think that Dan forgot this page ...


Well ...


@ Marianne:

I'm beginning to think this whole prize business was an affront to our naive credulity!  :O :D

Marianne Marianne Mar 23

Lol - aren't we all kids?


Kindskoepfe?  :D :D

Marianne Marianne Mar 23

Kleine Engel mit einem "B" davor ...

absolutely irresistible!


Ma non troppo!  :angel: :) :D


Marianne Marianne Mar 24

Lo scopriremo ... :O:angel::D

Beh... quasi mai.  :O :angel: :) :D

Marianne Marianne Mar 24

Ma stai attenta! :):D

Image result for la prudenza non è mai troppa cartoon


Contuttociò, chi non risica non rosica?  :D


Kninjanin Mar 23


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