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Looking for the most dependable battery for a vehicle that is not driven for days.

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Apr 3 in Cars & SUVs by Ladyhorse (340 points)
edited Apr 5 by Ladyhorse

I' sorry I deleted my question...seems like it messed something up here. I had trouble logging in.

I sincerely thank everyone who answered me and some of you know the rest of the story!

4 Answers

Dan Apr 3 - is this helpful?

Ladyhorse Dan Apr 3

Thanks Dan...I'm looking...

I think brand named anything is more expensive...I really don't know what I am looking at...Amazon offers free S & H if purchase is over $50. I asked here hoping one of the men could recommend a reliable battery...I thought any of you guys here were pros on this kind of thing!

TheOtherTink Apr 3

I would look for a name brand that's on sale.

We never had much trouble with car batteries, except a Sears one that cracked and leaked (that's why we stick to name brands now).

Rooster Apr 4

You can pick up a good DuraLast or AutoCraft at most car parts stores in your area. I've seen some decent ones on Amazon also. Just make sure it's for a car or truck and not a boat. 


Ladyhorse Rooster Apr 5
Thanks a bunch! 
Rooster Rooster Apr 6

You're welcome Ladyhorse. :)

Marianne Apr 6

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