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Ever had false awakening & tried to wake up from a dream but can't open eyes

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May 7, 2017 in Health by Dan (5,298 points)

I had 'False Awakening' a couple of time. I had one yesterday night. I was in a dream then later tried to wake up but I'm waking up only in the dream but not in reality. I tried multiple times and later realized that I'm still dreaming. Finally I wake up at the end. Did you ever had the experience of trying to wake up from a dream but can't open eyes or thought you have woke up but still in dream?


4 Answers

Virginia May 7, 2017

Dan, sounds a little like lucid dreaming...where you are aware of being asleep, in a dream...

Did you ever see the 2010 movie, INCEPTION?

Rooster May 7, 2017

Yes, but usually when I'm having a nightmare from the war. Luckily I don't have many of them anymore.

TheOtherTink May 8, 2017

I have had dreams in which I saw myself sleeping, but I knew I was dreaming all the while and made no effort to wake myself up.  The alarm clock would do that soon enough.  :D

I would describe it more as an out-of-body experience, observing my body sleeping, with my disembodied self floating above, near the ceiling of the room.

NoLongerHere May 11, 2017

Sounds like a Night Terror to me , especially the Paralysis.

I had frequent Night Terrors as a Girl.

I would wake abruptly in the middle of the Night when I'd only just fallen asleep, go to turn my light on but no light came on and I couldn't open my bedroom door or call out. It was as if my Soul/Spirit was out of my Body because I couldn't make contact with the Physical World but it's very hard to explain.They Terrified me as a Child and I never spoke about them to anyone until I was 22 because I thought others would think me Nuts.. 

I thought I was a Ghost the first time. 

I still get them if I'm extremely Stressed and my Anxiety levels are through the roof for some reason but they are rare these days thankfully. 

Once in a very Blue Moon. 


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