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What Do You Say When You Feel Happy? (This is important...)

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May 16 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Virginia (4,464 points)'s important because Sir James Barrie, when he wrote PETER PAN, he explained that "Fairies never say 'We feel happy;' what they say is, 'We feel dancey.' "

And then, Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) one of the great fantasy illustrators of the 20th century, portrayed this important point about fairies like this:


So, what do you say when you feel happy?

7 Answers

Marianne May 16

I am afraid that I am a bit sceptic, like my kins, when expressing or talking about happiness (there are always some little or bigger clouds on the sky - which cause some "buts" and "wait a minute" - lol), and we rather say "I am glad" or "I am sooooo glad" and speak more of satisfaction (contented), admiration, rejoicing, looking forward to a happy event, saying a hearty thank you, and of how much we appreciate and like somebody, a deed, a gift or a hilarious, "fantabulous" joke.

And sometimes, we are "sooooo happy" - but these very short moments cannot last. Furthermore one happens to be ironic or even sarcastic about being happy, a bit like Fernand Raynaud, rather upset in his famous sketch "Heureux !" ("Happy!"). Sorry, no translation found or done ...

We express or remember moments of happiness with a smile, tears, dancing, jumping, hugs, kisses, shaking hands, awkward moments, a silent bow, laughing and cheering, a prayer and a blessing, "hooray", "yippee", "oh joy", "halleluja", "aw", "whee", "hip hip hooray", "God bless you", "thousand thanks", "so cute", "yummy", "wow", "I'm so glad", "love it", "how wonderful", "that's fabulous", "you made my day", etc., etc.

They say more about feeling happy than saying the very words.

Droopy makes nearly always a sad face and says "I'm happy", or "You know what? I'm happy"!

Still, maybe that we should remember to say more often "I am happy" to express satisfaction and be more thankful for such wonderful moments ...

Virginia Marianne May 16

Marianne I do not speak French either, but he obviously is a wonderful comedian!

Marianne Marianne May 17

Lol - yes, he was; this one is the story about the extremely dumb customs officer who hates strangers, doesn't understand anything and who has himself foreign roots.

I'll have to translate the two, i.e. "Heureux" (Happy) and "Le douanier" (The Customs Officer).

But his most famous one is probably "Allô Tonton ? Pourquoi tu tousses ?" (Hello 'Unkie'? Why are you coughing?)

Guess I'm pretty boring as I just say I'm happy or I'm in a good mood!

Well Angela I don't think happy and good mood is boring at all


No, you are not boring. :)

Rooster May 16
Virginia Rooster May 16

Rooster that is a wonderful one, smart fella that RWE, and good at his math too!

Ladyhorse May 16

I don't say anything...if hubs is here I give him a big hug and smooch and say, "Ooooooh I love you..."!!

Virginia Ladyhorse May 16

Ladyhorse, what you describe, it is such a beautiful language of happiness!

Ladyhorse Ladyhorse May 16

Thank you, Virginia...and I should have clarified...I'm usually alone here so no one to express "happiness" main squeeze warrants lots of that!!! He says the same to me but, at the same time, if we were around each other 24/7 we'd probably kill each other!! 

Marianne Ladyhorse May 17


That is a wonderful way to show happiness. :)

I've got the Devil in me 


@ Ser:

And you say I'M naughty???!!?!!  :D

Well she is a beautiful devil at that, Serenity...


Well, what can I say in this case? That your other half is also talking to you?


@ Tink 

Yep! you are babe *hugs* 


@ Ser,



TheOtherTink May 16

O'Tink how perfect...just like Arthur Rackham's fairies, the Tinks are dancing!


Wow - a very nice presentation. 



"There Must Be an Angel" is also for you ...


@ M  I Love that song , haven't heard it for so long. Sometimes there is a little Angel in all of us <3 *hugs*  


@ Marianne,

Yes, indeed! :)



Yes, I like it too; we have our own angel - all we have to do is to leave the door of our heart open.

By the way, if you have difficulty with a "frozen reply box", try to "refresh" the page.


Check the "ihavesolved" bar displayed on the top of your page, after the url.




Sparkling and smiling - as ever ...


:) <3

@ Virginia  

it wouldn't allow me to respond below to you.



Oh such a beautiful GIF, ty Serenity!

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