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Ever listen to any "Big Band" music from the 40's ?

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Jun 1, 2017 in Music by Rooster (10,709 points)

5 Answers

TheOtherTink Jun 1, 2017

Yes, but not live in person. :)

Marianne Jun 1, 2017

We heard various kinds of music at the radio in these times - from classics to poetry, chanson, folk, country, rock, pop, jazz, blues, hip hop, punk, grunge, etc., including, of course, "Big Band Music". Glen Miller (and his particular style) was highly appreciated - worldwide.

Korvo Jun 1, 2017

Big Band or old Country and Western is all I listen to. 

Virginia Jun 1, 2017

Yes Rooster, because I was born in the 1940's the big band music was still playing on the radio when I was very young. Movies too...but no I never heard any in person, unless you include Sheriff Tex and his hootenannie!

(Sheriff Tex was drunk when he played in the grange hall near the small town where I lived, but we all liked his hootenannie and had a good time anyway...)

I found a photo of Sheriff Tex 1952, but his famous hootenannie does not seem to be online, it was a BIG contraption that played all kinds of instruments, kids my age just loved it then!


Angela_Anthony Jun 2, 2017

I really enjoy all kinds of music. Big band being one of those. Classical, jazz, Tony Bennett is one of my favorites, anything but country and rap. 

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