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How can I find a Memorial Day Parade filmed in 1969?

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Jun 30 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Ladyhorse (340 points)
edited Jul 1 by Ladyhorse
I was not a member of Tidewater Western Riders but was invited to ride in the 1969 Memorial Day Parade with them. I am trying to find pictures for our daughter. I tried Google but seem to go in circles and TWR is no longer in existence. I know it was filmed because I attended a showing of it later that year.

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TheOtherTink Jun 30
Thank you for trying!!

YW, Ladyhorse!

Marianne Jul 1
Ladyhorse Marianne Jul 1

Thank you for trying!!

Marianne Marianne Jul 2

You're very welcome, Ladyhorse. :)

Virginia Jul 2

Dear Ladyhorse,

I don't think I have any more ideas than the ones you have already tried...1969, but perhaps you can still get lucky because more people are saving old mementos now, maybe!

Rooster Jul 2

Perhaps if this address is still correct? You could write to any surviving member and maybe someone has the archives for the organisation. Maybe. Otherwise, I couldn't find but bits and pieces.

Tidewater Western Riders Foundation
1624 N Muddy Creek Rd 
Virginia Beach, VA

Ladyhorse Rooster Jul 2

Thank you.

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