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Who should decide whether or not the information you email or text is private, you or government?

+4 votes
Jul 25, 2017 in Other Consumer Electronics by Starchild (81 points)
Me 5 votes, 100%
Government 0 votes
I don't know 0 votes

4 Answers

Virginia Jul 25, 2017

Hi Starchild,

Here, I am going to say that since e-mail is somewhat a replacement for snail mail, then the same principles would cannot open someone's private letter, and so e-mail to be accorded the same privacy.

Rooster Jul 25, 2017

I also believe that it's our right to privacy to e-mail anything we wish or text if you like. It's not the government's job to snoop or say what we can e-mail to others. Like Virginia said, we could just go back to snail mail and would they have time to look at every letter to censor it? I think not.

TheOtherTink Jul 25, 2017

Unfortunately, it is a LOT less labor intensive for the government to open and read emails than to open and read snail mail.

So the government does it because it can.

And the politicians are afraid to do anything about it because if email privacy is restored, and an attack is organized by email, the politicians don't want to be responsible.

Virginia TheOtherTink Jul 26, 2017

Whew! O'Tink, that is kinda scary.

Marianne Jul 27, 2017

Privacy is and should be our right, and the secrecy of correspondence is, normally, a fundamental, legal principle:

Virginia Marianne Jul 29, 2017

Marianne, I enjoyed and appreciated that link on The Secrecy of Correspondence. Apparently it is written into several constitutions of European countries, and generally accepted to be covered by the USA Fourth Amendment to our constitution.

Marianne Marianne Oct 4, 2017

Yes, Virginia, indeed, but like every right or rule, it is a two-edged sword.

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