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Why was my level reduced?

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Aug 3 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Ladyhorse (340 points)

Dear Dan,

I only want to know why I was demoted from level #7 to level#2.

3 Answers

Rooster Aug 3

I just looked at your profile and it said you were a level 3 "Loudmouth" ! :D To be honest? I don't think anyone really looks at those or really cares. Kind of like the $5,000.00 Dan owes me. Hate to see what he owes Tink or Marianne!

Ladyhorse Rooster Aug 3

Virginia used to be @ level 3 now she's been upgraded to 5. Maybe no ones really cares but I felt it was some kind of retaliation from an earlier incident. I only wanted to know why? I was on chat with Marianne and sort of chuckled about my going from Innovator to Agitator. She advised only Dan could do that. I wanted to discuss this with him behind the scenes but there is never an opportunity. I clicked his star but he doesn't return the request. I see him here and login but he leaves. 

Dan Rooster Aug 3

This is how the level increases:

Level 9 - Not yet set (Do you want more levels or modification in the level system?) :D

  • Level 8 - Critic - 12,800 points & above
  • Level 7 - Agitator - 6,400 points & above
  • Level 6 - Activist - 3,200 points & above
  • Level 5 - Idealist - 800 points & above
  • Level 4 - Debater - 400 points & above
  • Level 3 - Loudmouth - 200 points & above
  • Level 2 - Innovator - 100 points & above
  • Level 1 - Beginner - 1 point
I can see, you have 203 Points, was it higher before?
Dan Rooster Aug 3

@ Dan,

Wait a minute

To correctly follow the pattern set between Levels 2 and 5 (i.e., doubling for each new level) , Level 6 should start at 1,600 points, not 3,200. Level 7 should be 3,200, Level 8 should be 6,400, etc.

Following the correct pattern, it would require 26,214,400 points to reach Level 20 (Guru) status. That's a LOT harder than SodaHead, which only required 100,000 points for Level 20.  :D :D

Dan Rooster Aug 3

Then users get it easily and attaining more levels will be stopped. May be we can add 100 levels: Warrior, Racer, Ring King, Blaster Master, Cyber Ruler, Mr. X, Master Chief, Undefeatable, Mr. Big, The Boss, Doctor, Enlighter, Superstar, Problem Solver, Celebrity, Player, Points Bee......? :P

@ Dan,

There was a rumor on SH that there was a Level 21, but no one had reached it by the time SH shut down, since it required 10^9 points, or something like that.

I think no one except MC had even gotten close to that number. :D :D :angel: :D :D

Dan Rooster Aug 3

@ Dan,

Oh yes, I forgot about Sister Jean. :D

But the rumor was that she was more than one person, perhaps members of a fraternity house. :D :D :D

Marianne Rooster Aug 3

Hello, Ladyhorse - I hope that all these explanations and suggestions will bring a smile to your face and a good chuckle.


Oh, I just noted that if you are downvoting or being downvoted, you lose 1 point (per downvote), but if you are upvoting or being upvoted, you gain 1 point (per upvote).

Marianne Rooster Aug 3

Lol - as I see, there must have been a confusion with the names.


:angel: :) :D

Marianne Rooster Aug 4

Lol - :O:angel::D:D:D!

Ladyhorse Rooster Aug 6

Dan, I don't know if my points were ever higher. I just know I was at level 7...maybe that was the end of July. I assumed once you reached a "level" you stayed there. I never noticed the few I follow ever being lower. It REALLY is no big deal. I just thought I was demoted for some reason. I didn't know it was monthly accumulation. I don't care about points. I'm not on here enough and don't participate enough to race for the most points. I didn't understand how the point system worked. I asked about it after I first joined but never received a reply. I never worried about it until I thought I was being punished for something.

My goodness I didn't mean to start such a ruckus. 

Dan Rooster Aug 6

Ladyhorse, yeah ok. I just don't know how your level went down.

Ladyhorse Rooster Aug 6

Okay Dan, thank you for your reply.

Dan Rooster Aug 6

If the receiver has received it then can't.

Ladyhorse Rooster Aug 6

Dan, I'm so sorry I removed what I asked you and made it a question. 

Kninjanin Aug 3

I don't know what happened.

Virginia Aug 3

Hi Ladyhorse,

I just found how the point system works, and you get points whenever you post a question, or an answer, and then even more points when someone clicks a thumbs up, as I just did for Rooster, Kninjanin, and also I clicked the box to the left of your answer. 

I feel REALLY confident that Dan would not purposely change anyone's points...the software does it automatically! But if it's possible, I will gladly give you all my own points, because I am just glad to see you coming online with us a bit more. 

You know lots of interesting things, and I always wish you well with your health.

Ladyhorse Virginia Aug 6

Hi Virginia,

I thanked Dan for his reply above then asked him another question. Then I thought, "Oh, I could ask that as a question here" so I removed it...BIG MISTAKE because as I was posting it as a question, Dan answered me so I had to respond to his reply to clear up confusion. This all happened around midnight here & I was trying to deal with a problem. Oh please, a thousand apologies. I'll try not to do it again,,,

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