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Too windy?

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Aug 3 in Fun & Humor ☻ by TheOtherTink (16,206 points)

In the East End of London, within the sound of Bow Bells, a Cockney Englishman is leaning against a lamp post on a very windy day.  He observes an attractive young lady having difficulty keeping her skimpy miniskirt from blowing up in the wind.  To make her difficulties worse, she is not wearing any underwear.

"A bit airy todoy, oin't it, Miss?" he asks.

She yells back, "Well, wot didja bloody expect, feathers?!"

3 Answers

Virginia Aug 3

Other Tink, THAT is hilarious...I sat here for a while, not getting it...then I remembered, Cockney accent!


Virginia, that joke is just a bit dated, since I first heard it in college. Nowadays many young women groom their hair in that um... region.

I thought of putting in an alternative punch line, "Well, I'm just on me bloody way for a Brazilian! "  But I liked the original ending better.  :blush: :) :D

Marianne Aug 3

Lol - the answer sounded not so smooth, or the "oint" went lost ...

(Marilyn was already shown, but there's also the kilt)

(though, this gentleman would not use Cockney)

Kilt wardrobe fail:




Marianne Marianne Aug 4

Lol - T(h)ink - I can't find the words - :O:blush::angel::angel::D:D:D - and I can't stop giggling ....

:angel: :) :D

Marianne Marianne Aug 9

Lol - I just thought of a joke, but it is rather embarrassing ...


@ Marianne,

Oh, those kinds of jokes are the best:blush: :O :) :angel: :D

Marianne Marianne Aug 10

Lol - and several nationalities are involved ...

Rooster Aug 4

Good one Tink! My kind of jokes! :D :D :D

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