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Do the levels and points system here really matter to you?

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Aug 4 in Suggestions by Rooster (7,394 points)

I know it doesn't much matter to me and I don't much really care about leaderboards and such. I just care about the quality of the site and people.

Although there used to be one on here that asked and answered his own question to always be on top of the list. I'm glad he's gone but he was good fodder for my son! :D

So, does it really matter to you?

6 Answers

Marianne Aug 4

Perfectly said: quality comes first!

Chatting, laughing with friends, sharing ideas and learning from each other and going at one's own rhythm is much nicer.


Korvo Aug 4

Obviously it does not matter to me, I didn't even know there were levels before the other day. I knew there were points, but they were just there. I never really looked at them.

Virginia Aug 4

Dear Rooster,

To me the points matter almost zero. I remember when I first came on the site I looked at the points because then I could tell who had been on here a long time, and who was brand new like me. Also, I loved it when I got to the "loudmouth" level...I thought that was cool! 

Other than that, I don't even look at points; I come for the fine companionship and the wonderful answers/questions. We have a small but diverse crew, and I learn a great deal on this site, plus lots of fun!

Therefore, anyone is welcome to have all my points, enough so I can go back to being the loudmouth on here!  :D  :P  :silly:  :woot:

Kninjanin Aug 4


TheOtherTink Aug 4

Yes, the points matter!

I ran up a HUGE balance on my charge card in anticipation of getting the money promised for accumulating points on this site, and so far I haven't seen a PENNY!

So WHERE is my money, Dan?  Do you think I write poems and tell jokes just for the fun of it? PAY UP!!

:D :D :D

@ Tink : Yeah! Pay up you mugs! Or? 


Or is right, Rooster:D


:angel: :) :D

Ladyhorse Aug 6

NO...please read my reply to Dan under the original question.

Marianne Ladyhorse Aug 9

Don't worry, Ladyhorse, it was only a technological problem.

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