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I need to pick Dan's brain about Imgur. Anyone else know if you have to sign up to get the HTTP?

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Aug 8 in Computer Networking by Rooster (6,945 points)

I couldn't get the link to show the other day but it looks like Dan fixed it. Do you have to make an account to get full use of it?


3 Answers

Dan Aug 8
If you can upload then you don't need an account at imgur, but if you want to manage your old images then I guess you will need an account. There should be always an "image file extension" at the end of the link, when you paste the link here. Image file extensions = PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG, WEBP.... You should not add it by yourself, the image link itself have either one of these.

WebP is a new image format invented by Google. If you convert a regular image to Webp image format, it will reduce its size a lot. So, a web page with webp images can load faster since the page size will be reduced. A memory card/Pen drive can store a lot of image files since the size of the images reduces. WebM is similar file format invented for videos.


Rooster Dan Aug 8

Still can't get image file extensions. Used TinyPic on this one.


Marianne Aug 8

I think that Dan is the expert.

On my side, I tried to have a look and found a really cute gif:

It corresponds to a YouTube post:

There was no need to register or sign in - probably for an occasional visit - but if you wish to use this site for your pictures, you will certainly need an account there.

TheOtherTink Aug 8

I've never tried Imgur.

I have accounts at Makeagif and Imgflip, and you do have to register, but they are free, unless you want the deluxe versions, which are not necessary for my purposes. :)

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