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The illusion of fantasy

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Aug 8 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Suyanto Tirta (1,816 points)
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3 Answers

Kninjanin Aug 8

It is fantasy.

Marianne Kninjanin Aug 10

Hello, Kninjanin, I found the song - with the English subtitles:

Marianne Aug 8
A very nice poem!

You might have the better links:

Hey,.. You marianne :D

Marianne Marianne Aug 9

Suyanto, I could not find enough info; was the poem, resp. song written by Virgoun ?

Here's the video clip for all (with English subtitles):


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Marianne Marianne 4 days ago

Thank you, Suyanto. :):)

Virginia Aug 9

Well, it is a beautiful sentiment...but it does not always work out out like that in real life!

agree with you

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