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I like this sentences,..

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Aug 10 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Suyanto Tirta (1,849 points)
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4 Answers

Rooster Aug 10

I suppose if I believed in god that would be a good sentence, but I don't.

It is your right:)

Virginia Aug 10

Dear Suyanto Tirta,

I like the sentence, but I do not understand it! Could you explain it a bit?

 .... Generally from other religions always say Jesus a human is said to be God

Virginia Virginia Aug 11

Thank you Suyanto Tirta, it is interesting and I am pondering this...

Controversy about god becomes human:)

Virginia Virginia Aug 11

Suyanto Tirta, I think that the 'issue' of the divinity of Yeshua ben Joseph is misunderstood by Christians. We are all beings of mystery and wonder, every one of us.

I feel certain there is no preference for any one religion over any other. Also, it does not even matter if a person is atheist (as I was for thirty years); we are all loved equally, and given the tenderest love and nurturing.

:D:)I just see and hear all this debate ..

Marianne Aug 11

Hello Suyanto; I see, somehow, a contradicting citation, and you managed to drive my thoughts into abstract and absurd interpretations - but on the other hand, human nature is utterly complex, complicated and hard to understand.

Do we have to go far to seek for divine enlightenment and spirituality? Let us start by exploring our own conscience!


Debate Controversy about god becomes human,Not finished until now:)

Marianne Marianne Aug 13

Yes, indeed, Suyanto. :):)


TheOtherTink Aug 11

But who is to say what God cannot do?

The earthly life of Jesus is the sign of what is eternally true: only God can overcome all evil.

(of course, we mortals should try our best to help :))

Thumbs up for you

Thank you. :)

you're welcome TheOtherTink

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