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The still-friendly skies of United?

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Aug 11, 2017 in News & Informations ⌨ by TheOtherTink (20,711 points)

Apparently it wasn't enough that a passenger was dragged, kicking and screaming, from a United flight, or that a teenage girl alleges that she was molested on another United flight, this lady says she was forced to pee in a cup because she was not allowed to use the bathroom.  :O

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Virginia Aug 11, 2017

O'Kay, O'Tink...airlines are something I have been somewhat following also, as I look into all the capitalism stuff...

For example, recently a major airline, American I think? gave its employees (perhaps overdue) raises, and immediately its stock plummeted! There is huge pressure to cut costs, maximize profits. So, aside from the unconscionable roughing-up of passengers, airlines will sometimes even charge for the use of the overhead bin! Eliminating meals, charging for baggage...I remember when (1960's?) I used to collect the little liquor bottles, and I had a delightful miniature liquor cabinet because fine alcohol was given out free!

Our national dialogue (and maybe it needs to be international, too!) needs to find the line between "free" enterprise and where do you REALLY need some regulation? Because from what I read, all this has come about since the airlines got de-regulated. "Free" enterprise, unchecked, leads to the commodification of EVERYTHING...your value as a human being is measured by how much money you produce for elite corporate coffers. 

The dignity of work for its own sake, or doing the right thing for its own sake, the integrity and the honor, the mystery of life...again, some of the folks I am reading say that systemic changes are required, that this present system, as is, is not salvageable....idk for sure, but I am ever more concerned those voices may be correct. (sigh...this is definitely irritating...I wanted things to be going WELL in my old age...)

btw, you can probably your article, I believe THE LADY, and not the airline.

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 12, 2017

Yes, but government TSA agents are no better.  :ermm:

Virginia Virginia Aug 12, 2017

@ Other is what I have been reading about's from the Pulitzer foreign correspondent. He says he was gone from the USA for twenty years, covering the world's trouble spots; and when he returned, he was amazed to find the erosion of so many freedoms that should be constitutionally guaranteed. He suggests it happened gradually enough that it was not really noticed, but is more obvious to someone like him who was out of the country for two decades, and then suddenly returned.

He believes our democracy is in jeopardy, and having seen the aftermath of revolutions, he is emphatic over and over we must take steps NOW so this does not devolve into violence. He has lived through so much of the world's violence that I am actually hoping his perception might be somewhat alarmist, that things are not as bad as he thinks, but at the same time I am also concerned that we must not take a chance.

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 13, 2017

Yes, Virginia, the political polarization is bad, with one side considering the other as a bunch of redneck racists or as a bunch of commie traitors.  :'(

Virginia Virginia Aug 13, 2017

Yes, O'Tink!!!

I read that in polling BOTH Democrates AND Republicans, 40% of BOTH parties now feel that the other party is a threat to our national interest...not a situation conducive to national harmony, nor to addressing our urgent national issues.

Rooster Aug 12, 2017

Very good Virginia. I agree 100%. I don't even think I would want to fly on a commercial airline ny more. I also wonder about the maintenance and age of some of the jetliners. I was much happier in my own planes as I knew how well they were maintained. But, like you, I remember when flying was enjoyable and relaxing. Now it's all about the money and who cares about the people? Seems to be the way of life from the top to the bottom in this day and age. A very sorry state of affairs.

Virginia Rooster Aug 13, 2017

Rooster my heart is broken, over this.

Marianne Aug 12, 2017

Oh yes, such incidents seem to occur more frequently, since security measures were tightened, inside planes and in airports, and costs drastically cut, the problem with unavailable, constantly occupied or, momentarily, "out of order" bathrooms and of inappropriate attitudes is not new, but to that point, as heard in more recent news, also with the passenger kicked out of a plane or body search in airports - no, that goes too far (or too much under the belt line).

There seems to be an increasing hystery about saving costs, too much or insufficient safety, lacking or excessive zeal, etc. - and with unbearable working conditions.

In the end, clients, personnel and professional ethics are harmed ...


Formerly, they complained much about passengers causing problems:

Mr. Bean:

Virginia Marianne Aug 13, 2017

Oh Marianne, only Mr. Bean...poor dear soul...I laughed until the tears rolled...I watched him on Canadian TV when I lived on Mt. Baker! 

Marianne Marianne Aug 13, 2017

Lol - :angel::D:D:D

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