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If you won $50 million, do you think you would be accepted by upper class people?

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Aug 28 in Society & Culture by Korvo (511 points)

You could no longer associate with old friends, as they would want a share, or would think you were too rich to talk to them. Who would you associate with?

4 Answers

Rooster Aug 29

Probably none of them. I would take a special lady off and buy an island like Roi-Namur and live in total luxury peace my remaining days. As far away from mainstream society as I could get!


Virginia Aug 29

Korvo, even with lots of money I doubt I would even try for acceptance in the upper classes. Life is too sterile and dry there, for me at least. I need the vibrancy and aliveness of us lower class folk, with or without a bit of scratch.

Korvo Virginia Aug 29

Don't want to sit around discussing the latest great investment possibilities?  Each to his/her own :) 

TheOtherTink Aug 30

I don't think I'd try; they don't interest me.

foy49 Oct 4


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