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The Saddest Story ?

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Sep 9 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (14,913 points)
Jim, Scott and Alex are tired after travelling all day and check into a hotel.

When they get to reception, they find out they'll have to walk 75 flights of stairs to get to their room because the elevator is out of order.

Jim suggests that they do something interesting to pass time while they walk the 75 flights.

Jim will tell jokes, Scott will sing songs, and Alex will tell sad stories.

So Jim tells jokes for 25 flights, Scott sings songs for 25 flights and Alex tells sad stories for 24 flights.

When they reach the 75th floor, Alex tells his saddest story of all, "Guys, I left our room key at reception."



3 Answers

TheOtherTink Sep 9

So Scott said, "Ok, Alex, since you forgot the key, you can go back down and get it. Jim and I will stay up here and sing and tell funny stories until you arrive again." :D

That is a solution indeed, but I suppose that Alex would use the stair rails or banisters to slide down, and, once back downstairs, "recover" for half an hour with a good fresh beer at the bar.

Lol - :O:angel::D.

Alex will probably have more than one beer and fall asleep at the bar.  :D

That is what I would suspect too ...


Rooster Sep 10

:D :D :D Yes, Alex will probably fall asleep at the bar! LOL

Marianne Rooster Sep 10

Lol - indeed! :D:D:D

Virginia Sep 11

THAT is indeed a sad story! When I was in my twenties, I can remember running up five flights...just for the fun of it...but would not want to try any more than that.

Marianne Virginia Sep 12

Lol - it is indeed - that's why, as T(h)ink suggests, Alex will probably go for a drink - lol.


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