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Mastering the Art of Texting

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Nov 7 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (16,147 points)
The Joy of Texting

Not everyone has mastered the art of texting.

Case in point:
Mom: Stop at dollar store on way home and get lunch maggots.
Me: Lunch maggots?

Mom: Baffles.
Mom: Baggies.
Mom: Ziploc lunch Baggies.
Mom: Spell-check is not helping me.

Mom: By the way, this is Dad.



5 Answers

Kninjanin Nov 7
Marianne Kninjanin Nov 7

Lol, Kninjanin, you lost your text! :)

Rooster Nov 7

Never was into texting much so I have to look up some of the stuff to see what they are saying!

:D :D :D

What's funny is that some of the abbreviations used in texting are the same as those that the old Morse code operators used 100 years ago.

Marianne Rooster Nov 8

Lol, Rooster, that is the wisest thing to do.


TheOtherTink Nov 7

Mastered the art of texting?  Of courseOh, wait... I thought you said... um... :blush: :blush: :blush: :D

Lol - giggling - :D:D:D ...

:angel: :angel: :angel:

Virginia Nov 7

Hi Marianne, I love texting! I just never do it because I have a landline only...however, on I got fascinated by the younger generation communication style, and so I started to learn it, it's fun!

For example, now I use "prolly" all the time, kinda cute don't you think? :) Plus definitely hip I am sure...except, well, when I first saw LOL, the only thing I could think of was "Little-Old-Lady" and I was only sixty-something at the time so I wondered if I should take umbrage or something...:D  <3

@ Virginia,

The first time I saw LOL, I thought it meant 'lots of luck'.  :)

Marianne Virginia Nov 8

Lol, Virginia - that is weird, I had to leave messages, and the codes in different languages are not often the same; all the more that not everybody knew about the latest codes by then.

So, I had to stick to a "clear" language and, if using abbreviations or codes, check and indicate their meaning - a rather laborious matter - lol. As to the Little Old (or Young) Lady, I am neither sure, as most of us are still living in a rather sexist environment.

I thought, like T(h)ink, that LOL meant Lots (or Loads) of Luck - at least the first time I saw this, because it was not in a really funny message, but then, I noticed that it had to do something with laughing ...


Marianne Virginia Nov 8

T(h)ink, lol, I guessed the same the first time I saw LOL.


:) <3

Marianne Nov 8

According to what I understood, Mom (no Dad using Mom's cell phone or iPod!) wanted the "author of the story" to buy "Ziploc" snack bags at the "dollar store" (for a picnic, or rather for his fishing baits - err - maggots?) - lol:

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