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When a fairy oversleeps?

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5 days ago in Fun & Humor ☻ by TheOtherTink (16,926 points)


2 Answers

Marianne 5 days ago

Lol - poor kid, there's no income this time! :(:O:'(

Was absinth involved? :O:angel::devil:

And wasn't Easter Bunny expected to hide the Easter eggs before dawn?

Oh boy - that's a disaster!

:O:O:ermm::angel: ....


TheOtherTink Marianne 4 days ago

First things first, say the tooth fairy and the Easter rabbit.  :O :blush: :ermm: :angel: :) :D

Marianne Marianne 1 day ago

Lol - of course, both are involved. :O:'(:ermm::angel::D

TheOtherTink Marianne 23 hours ago

Yes, but that lecherous rabbit got the tooth fairy drunk.

She didn't know what she was doing.  :O :blush: :O :ermm: :angel: :) :D

Marianne Marianne 13 hours ago

Lol, indeed; the Easter rabbit - but wait a minute: why didn't he get a spanking?

Maybe that Bugs gave the bad example?

TheOtherTink Marianne 2 hours ago

  The Easter rabbit didn't get a spanking because of blatant sexism:O :ermm: :angel: :) :D

Rooster 5 days ago
Marianne Rooster 5 days ago

Oops, Rooster - wait a minute - you picked the wrong fairy ...


TheOtherTink Rooster 4 days ago

Hey Rooster!   Like Marianne said, you spanked the wrong fairy

It's not Tink's fault that the tooth fairy drinks too much and sleeps around with rabbits:O


Rooster Rooster 4 days ago

@Tink: OK, I spanked the wrong fairy! So sollee :D

TheOtherTink Rooster 3 days ago

@ Rooster:  That's better:P

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