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When the worst of corrupt socialism teams up with the worst of corrupt capitalism?

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Nov 30 in Politics & Government ✌ by TheOtherTink (17,366 points)

The disaster of Mexican affordable public housing makes Obamacare look like a picnic.


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Marianne Dec 1

T(h)ink, I am shocked and very sad (again and again), although I am not surprised; we all know how corruption, lacking engagement, unsustainable profit strategies, rip-off practices and criminal energy can damage whole regions and countries.

Some examples:

Just so the elites in government and business can make themselves even richer, Marianne.  :angry:

Marianne Marianne Dec 3

Yes, T(h)ink - I think that all of us have very similar feelings:

:(:'(:wassat: ...

Rooster Dec 1

I've always felt sorry for the people of Mexico! Probably the most corrupt government in the world! This doesn't really surprise me. Neither does the fact that so many want to live in the U.S. where at least they have a chance to live in peace and not squallor. The drug cartels there pretty much run the country and the people are used like slaves for them. Affordable housing? Ha! Only if you run drugs over the borders and do what you are told.

California has a high Mexican population and I've found them not only to be some of the nicest people I know but also the hardest working.

I really don't think Mexico will ever change and for that? I feel very bad for them.

I think vast corruption is endemic in most Latin American countries, Rooster, although I also think we've gone a long way down that road too.

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