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Earning money from fake news?

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Marianne Feb 12
TheOtherTink Feb 9

The young Macedonians are only doing what the major US news networks do on an industrial scale, except in the networks' case, they publish fake news that their left-wing audiences like.

Dan Rather and CBS, for example, in memogate, 2004.

And what is Rather doing now?  That's right, spreading more fake news, only this time on Facebook, Twitter and the Young Turks.

A lib-biased fake-newsman, Rather,

Well-known for his bluster and blather,

Made a dreadful mistake,

'Cuz the memos were fake,

Now's no wiser, but sadder, I gather.

Fake news are everywhere.


Rooster Feb 10

Seems to be the way now. I can't tell half the time when I do read the news what is real or just BS. It's a total shame to the U.S. and now spreading to the rest of the world also. What happened to the news??? Sensationalism seems to have taken over from the real news!


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