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Marianne, where are you?

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Mar 20 in Family & Relationships by TheOtherTink (20,983 points)
edited Mar 20 by TheOtherTink

You are missed!


5 Answers

Rooster Mar 20

I've been wondering myself where she's been! Think I have her e-mail address and just might send her a mail and see what's going on! Yes, she's missed all right. Here and on A-rite!

Kninjanin Mar 20

Reasons could be:

1. She is sick

2. She died

3. She is bored with this website

4. She lost internet connection 

5. She has some obligations

I hope it's (4) or (5).

Marianne Kninjanin Mar 27
Yes, Kninjanin, it is number 4: I had no access to Internet!
Virginia Mar 20

Moving can be really awful, and take forever to get back Internet. I have her e-mail address also, but I am guessing her life is complicated right now and hoping we hear from Marianne soon! <3

Rooster Virginia Mar 21

@Virginia: I didn't know that she was moving. Having just done that last month, I know what a pain it can be, however, one of the first things I did was build my PC room! LOL

Marianne Virginia Mar 27
Yes, Virginia, moving was a succession of failures, misunderstandings, misfunctions, administrative problems due to too many absences (sickness), etc. And on my side, I had to go to the hospital for nearly three weeks - still curing and obliged to slow down.
Virginia Virginia Mar 27

Marianne, it is SO good to see your posts! <3  <3  <3

Marianne Virginia Mar 27
Lol, Virginia - and it is so good to see your smiling welcome!
Marianne Virginia Mar 27
Lol, Rooster, it was indeed a pain and a mess ...
HegeMarie Mar 21

Hope she returns real soon 

Dan HegeMarie Mar 22

Are you the substitute :D

HegeMarie HegeMarie Mar 23

Haha, hardly :P

Marianne HegeMarie Mar 27
Hello, dear HegeMarie - you are finally back, and I was missing (see my comments) at this wonderful occasion, and I am still in a "chaotic mood" - lol.
HegeMarie HegeMarie Apr 1

When it rains, it pours!

Hopefully that is all behind you now. Glad to see you back!

Hope you are having a happy Easter, Marianne!:D

Marianne Mar 27

Hello, my dear T(h)ink, yes, I had indeed lots of "technical" problems, and also health issues at the very wrong moment.

I'll have to tell the story at a later moment - I am still wondering how so many things could get wrong - well, one can only say that this "nightmare" was real bad luck.



I hope things are back on an even keel again, Marianne.  Gute Besserung<3

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