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Do you watch Turner Classic Movies? Seems like the first channel I look at when I turn on the TV.

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Apr 3 in Television by Rooster (10,726 points)

I don't watch much TV but I love this channel!  


 I Married a Witch - Trailer - YouTube

3 Answers

TheOtherTink Apr 3

Yes, I love old movies.  LOL!  I must go see I Married a Witch.  It looks good!  :D :D :D

@ Tink: It's a great old movie! Veronica Lake was one good looking woman! :P

Kninjanin Apr 4


Virginia Apr 5

Rooster I had TV in my little cabin on Olequa Creek in the winter of 2015-16, and TCM was one of the only channels I watched! I don't even have TV now, but it is amazing the wonderful old movies you can find on YouTube...:)

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