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What's the worst website that you have ever been on? Or the worst moderated?

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Jul 2 in Websites by Rooster (10,366 points)

I can think of a couple right off! How about you?

5 Answers

Kninjanin Jul 2

Facebook, Gab, Blurtit, Tango

They are full of scammers and spammers. Many users like to insult. 

Virginia Jul 2

Rooster every site I have been on, you have been there also...I started a tiny bit on Am-rite, wasn't too sure about it and then you and Tink mentioned it was not as good as you originally hoped...

The best one to me was Blurt, before the downhill changes. I did okay on Ask, but 40% of my answers were getting deleted (you already know this) because I post controversial things and so many downvotes were triggering the AI moderating system. Anyway, Ask was where I stayed the longest.

* * *

There was another one after Blurt both Didge and I really tried, you did too...finally just too much profanity for me, along with downgrading of women. There actually was a special section for adult content, but the obscene folks did not like it because "nobody was going there." I think they finally convinced the owner that to grow her site, she needed to let them post their adult comments in the main section.

I really tried to stay there, but finally the deal-breaker was a conversation discussing cunnilingus in ways very derogatory toward women. It was all in slang, but I am old and been around the block and I understood it clearly...maybe others did not...I sent the link to the owner, and she sent back a snippy answer...I bailed! So for me, that may have been the worst website.

Virginia, there does seem to be a very rotten underbelly to many of these websites... reminds me of Washington politics.... :sick:

Virginia Virginia Jul 3

Indeed, Other Tink. :sick:

dru tiger Jul 2

One site made the top five. 'Am I right'?

dru tiger dru tiger Jul 4

Howling Mutt Jul 6

I wish it was different, but Choozler is awful IMO.

None are great, but I'm fairly new to this opinion site experience (less than a year old), except for a combined time of a week or two on the old Sodahead.

@ Howling Mutt : Howdy Howler! :D

SH was the best. :)

Hi Rooster!..Just checkin' out the site for the first time.
TheOtherTink Jul 6

Didn't care much for AnswerMug.  Ugh.  :)

Same here with AnswerMug.

I didn't care much for answermug either. S.O.S.!

Hey Rooster, how come my previous reply to you shows me actually replying to myself?

And this reply is doing the same thing.

@ Howler: I never have figured that one out either! :D

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