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Is the USA a right-wing, conservative nation overall, on balance?

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Jul 3 in Politics & Government ✌ by Virginia (7,380 points)

With encouragement from Didge, I have been experimenting with the Q/A website Qu0ra. After a few false starts (I do NOT get along well with AI), I seem to be getting along better...and, here is a very interesting comment posted in response to a question asking why so many people on Quora seem to be left-leaning progressives. The responder is (I think) saying that it just appears that Qu0ra is so progressive because the USA overall is very right-wing. 

So I am attempting to assimilate all this, which I am NOT very interested in, because (sniff) without my input the country seems to have gotten really balled-up, if you would be so kind, your impressions? Is the USA a right-wing, conservative nation overall, on balance? Here is what the responder wrote:

* * *

"Because the US is probably among the most right wing countries in the world right now. In fact, why am I saying "right now"? It always has been. Even under a Democrat President, Senate and Congress.

"The centre ground in US politics, if it exists, is possibly somewhere in the region of

  • leaving people to fend for themselves and die in poverty when they are no longer economically useful" 
  • (and then he listed 10-12 other similar points, this was the first)

3 Answers

Kninjanin Jul 3

If a country let people to die when they are not economically useful, it is a country without socialism and social justice. It is pure capitalism. It is a right wing country.

Can you give a link to question, answer or your Quora profile?

Kninjanin Kninjanin Jul 3
Virginia Kninjanin Jul 4

Yes Kninjanin, I will find it and add it here...

* * *

Kninjanin, here is a post from a Canadian who does NOT like Trump...he is very blunt, and I am finding I really like reading what people from other countries say about the USA. None of it that I have seen so far is good!

Virginia, I couldn't help but notice in your Quora link, the phrase, "laughingstock of the world".

"I know it’s really hard for Americans to grasp this, but you have literally no idea how your country is viewed internationally now. You are the laughingstock of the world."

This is one of the stock phrases that the SJWs repeat over and over. If I were of a suspicious nature, I would begin to think they all get their marching orders from one place.  :D :D :D

I googled "trump laughing stock" and got 10,700,000 hits.

Rooster Jul 3

It kind of seems that way at the present but I don't believe it always has been. I still believe in the center and don't get involved in politics enough to really know the real truth.

I sure didn't see us as a right wing country during Obama's reign or lack thereof.

There are people on every website out there with different opinions about these things. I recently left one because of the arguing and bickering and name calling over it. I usually just posted a picture and backed away.


ROOSTER!!!!!  :O

Rooster Rooster Jul 3

@Tink: What? I didn du nuffin! :D

@ Rooster:  

Then you and Marky had better go on the dark web and find out who's been hacking your account:blush:

@ Synyster:

On here... someone's been using Rooster's account to post salacious pics of nekked women again.

Wouldn't surprise me if they hack into your account next.  :O :blush: :ermm: :) :D

@ Synyster:

I hope he's denied internet privileges when he's in the slammer. :)

Virginia Rooster Jul 4

She even looks good to me, Rooster, I like her red shoes and her tattoos, plus she has attitude!

TheOtherTink Jul 3

"Because the US is probably among the most right wing countries in the world right now. In fact, why am I saying "right now"?  It always has been.  Even under a Democrat President, Senate and Congress."

I find it difficult to take a comment like that seriously. That writer seems to have little or no knowledge of history. Was FDR right up there with Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Horthy, Antonescu, Chiang Kai-shek or Tojo, for example?  I hope the quality of that post is not typical of Quora. I suspect the writer is an unhinged SJW of the sort we have been discussing lately. :ermm:

@Tink : I agree!

Tink I just learned Kninjanin already has an account there...I am seeing lots of political posts, some even I can figure out are a bit skewed...others like this I see over and over...idk, I have myself been amazed at some of the narrowness.

However, I am finding I cannot seem to differentiate right-wing from left-wing, liberal from conservative...that is, unless they themselves post what they think they are. There is one Navy man, he posted high praise of President Trump in a list. So I bookmarked it, I was going to ask you and Rooster what you thought of the points he listed. And I wrote and thanked him; but I think he took his post down because my bookmark is gone! The liberals were all over him I feel sure.

* * *

Here is one example of the strange liberal v. conservative, which is which, and it comes from that YouTube video (very interesting) on Bismarck. The author, Steinberg, said Bismarck did not like anything liberal. Democracy was okay with Bismarck, but liberalism was not, and liberalism included limiting the power of government.

Well I thought strong central government was liberal, and limiting government was conservative! Maybe i got that wrong...I listened to that part twice...but maybe I will look at it again. It was highly interesting, the audience was asking why Bismarck for instance allowed the treaty to be so harsh on France after the 1870 war. Answer was maybe Bismarck didn't have any choice.

I learned Bismarck was hypochondriac, misogynist...and a genius. Nobody liked him AT ALL, but Wilhelm I knew he was a genius and kept him on...oh, and the video explained the continuity over into Hitler, established by Bismarck in the process of unifying Germany; It was the semi-absolutism. Worked so well with Bismarck + Wilhelm I, Germany kept trying to duplicate that over again. (Theory only of course.)

Whew long post, sorry, ima get tea now.

Yes, Virginia, I think Bismarck was not generally liked on a personal level, but don't forget, nobody personally liked Beethoven either.

And who likes big government, liberals or conservatives?  Hmmm... I think it depends on who is in power.

Liberals loved big federal govt under Obama, but now, especially CA libs, love states' rights. :D

@Tink: Please don't lump us all together! That's their problem, not mine! :D

Oh, I don't lump you together, Rooster.  I know you're not a CA lib. :D

Rooster, would you consider yourself, on balance, to be more conservative in your views? All my adult life, I would ABSOLUTELY consider my views liberal, progressive... now, idk any more...sometimes I seem to have more in common with those who carry 'conservative' label...

I remember both you and Tink came out close to center on that Political Compass test.

@Virginia: Yes, I would consider myself more on the conservative side rather than liberal. I also seem to sit in the center on most topics but I don't always agree with either side at times. So, I guess I'm pretty close on that test although a little more to the right.

Received Rooster and upvote.

Jazzy TheOtherTink Jul 10
Rooster, follow me so I can send you a message. I don't know how. :-)
Rooster TheOtherTink 6 days ago

@ Jazzy! I will follow you! Good to see you.

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