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Do you know that Google Plus will be shut down?

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6 days ago in Websites by Kninjanin (3,583 points)
edited 6 days ago by Kninjanin

Google Plus will be shut down.

I will miss the photos from around the world, but I can find them on Flickr or elsewhere.

Google has Blogger, Google Sites and Groups where users can publish everything they want. Also Google Drive can be used for website creation using

2 Answers

Rooster 6 days ago

I read about that. It will be completely shut down by August of next year. I never used it anyways, so it's no loss to me. Especially after I read about the security flaws and information leakage that they never reported. No great loss to me.

TheOtherTink 4 days ago

Never used it, so I wont miss it.

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