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I am looking forward to the new year with an energy I have not felt in a long while. How about you?

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Platinum Jan 5, 2016
Except for a cold I've had for four weeks ...I look foreward to every minute of my life especially spending time with my two youngest grandchildren...
BenjiC01 Platinum Jan 5, 2016
I hope it clears up soon for you John. And I am sure they are looking forward to spending time with you as well.
Platinum Platinum Jan 5, 2016
I hear the baby has arrived so congrats to you and sis....
BenjiC01 Platinum Jan 6, 2016
Yeah, she did. Looking forward to seeing her and her mum soon :)
Jan 5, 2016
Not particularly.
BenjiC01 Jan 6, 2016
Oh well. There is always one.
Jan 6, 2016
Judging by the number of votes, I'm obviously NOT "the only one".

If you don't want honest responses, but rather mindless praise; kindly state so in your question.
BenjiC01 Jan 6, 2016
I'd rather not have you on my questions, thanks.
NoLongerHere Jan 6, 2016
Can People please not Flag comment unless they are Racist , Homophobic or just really Abusive because Gun does not deserved to be flagged for this comment

thanks Ser
Jan 6, 2016
@BenjiC01, I'd rather not have you on my site; but we can't always get what we want.
NoLongerHere Jan 6, 2016
Ok  both of you just avoid each other and both enjoy using the Site :)
BenjiC01 Jan 6, 2016
Feel free to get rid of me then, if you can. Until then, deal with it.
BenjiC01 Jan 6, 2016
Sorry Ser. Moving on :)
Jan 6, 2016
@Darkest Serenity - Doing my best. I said 2 words, and look what happens.
amberleechoo Jan 5, 2016
I do a little.
bekyoo Jan 5, 2016
Yeah I kind of do.
dru tiger Jan 6, 2016
For some reason I feel the same way. Congratulations on your newest arrival.
BenjiC01 dru tiger Jan 6, 2016
Thank you Dru. I hope the new year treats you and yours well.
MidnightCowboy Jan 7, 2016

I'm an optimist, so, I feel 2016 is going to be the best year ever.

dru tiger MidnightCowboy Jan 11, 2016
Hi MC! I haven't seen you since SH pulled the plug. I hope you had a great holiday!
Deadcutie1994 Mar 15, 2016

Today feels like yesterday , tomorrow is another today

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