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Come join Rooster over on A mirite Echooos :)
I remember you were good  friends on Blurtit when I was on there
he's making new friends but it would be nice to have some familiar faces on there for him

Apr 12, 2017 by _
Thanks for the comment. I've been using that little devil as an avatar on my chess site for the past 8 years. I'll switch to him on blurtit after the new year, too.
I don't know how these walls work. If I replied to you where you left the comment, would you see it? Or do I need to reply on your own wall? (I don't do Facebook so I don't know.)
Dec 29, 2015 by Didge
Hey hey :)
Dec 29, 2015 by Echooos
Hey girl
Dec 28, 2015 by Tiger Paws
Welcome Echooos!    ;*)
Dec 27, 2015 by Bruno56


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