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Wall for HegeMarie

Yep! Now they see me , now they don't lolz  , mainly so I can still talk to Friends in PM and I don't give a toss what anyone thinks.

I will come and go as I please *smiling*

No one is being thrown off of ******* because there is zilch Moderation on that Site.

Is Free Ranger on here , you two just click , so funny together ya are
hope he is , Sites are just not the same without our Besties
Dec 29, 2015 by NoLongerHere
Hi ya Hege , hope you had a Lovely Xmas babe
I miss so many on ******* , particularly those I can't persuade to try this Site but I won't stop trying.

You may see me sign in occasionally and then sign out   lolz
I found the Revolving door of *******

Nice to see you here my Friend  *hugs*
Dec 29, 2015 by NoLongerHere