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Wall for Ladyhorse

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I'm not going to remove anything Lady. I liked your answer. No problems, just let it go.
Aug 7 by Rooster
Nothing to be sorry about Lady. Your answer was fine and so was my response. You worry too much about little things. I'm not easily offended so all is well.
Aug 7 by Rooster
In capsules at 500mg twice a day.
Aug 4 by Rooster
Maybe you are taking too are you taking it??
Aug 2 by Ladyhorse
Hi there. I haven't felt any difference other than stomach aches.
Aug 2 by Rooster
It was kind of you to ask.
Jul 31 by Ladyhorse
Fine, thank you.
Jul 31 by Ladyhorse
Hello, Ladyhorse. How have you been? I hope well.
Jul 31 by Rooster
Dear Ladyhorse,
Are things okay with you? You posted such a beautiful verse in your last question, so poignant ... and I am concerned some of the answers may have felt rather harm intended, I feel certain, but wanted to ask you about it?
Jun 3 by Virginia
I retrieved it and sent it to you...
May 15 by Ladyhorse