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Wall for Marianne

MD's would probably want to do a colostomy but I don't want to go through the rest of my life like that.
People don't live long because receptor cells are removed that are needed for nutrient absorption.
May 12 by Ladyhorse
I keep clearing our conversation in chat and sending you more messages but it looks like it just keeps duplicating...
May 12 by Ladyhorse
Ok Thank you
Mar 22 by Suyanto Tirta
Thank you Anna :) I like the name Anna better. Do you like it too?
Aug 26, 2016 by Dan
I can't able to send the confirmation link manually. The email provider has to be Windows Mail, which this site has some problem sending the mail too. I will try to confirm the account in phpmyadmin. Thank you.
May 6, 2016 by Dan
How are you, Marianne?
Apr 17, 2016 by Transquesta
Done - till later!
Feb 25, 2016 by Marianne
Marianne, i am fowlling you. follow me back so we can message each other, ok?
Feb 24, 2016 by