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Does medical marijuana affect the nerves in the body, or the mind?

Hi Korvo,

Although lots of research has already been done, the research is not complete yet. However, I did learn some things that might help you get started...

First of all, medical marijuana has been used to treat such diverse conditions as "nausea (especially as a result of chemotherapy), loss of appetite, chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, cancerAIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, insomniaADHD, epilepsy, inflammation, migraines and Crohn's disease."

Marijuana works because it contains cannabinoids similar to endocannabinoids produced naturally in the human body, where they mediate a variety of responses. The receptors for these natural endocannabinoids are found throughout the body, but are especially prominent in the brain, as you can see in the graphic below. 

So I think the answer to your question would be that where medical marijuana works depends on the condition it is used to treat!


And then here is the link where I found this information:


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Born by the Willapa River 1944 in the timber outback of Southwest Washington State.
Spending my retirement saving the world, and I am only 90% joking with that!


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Marianne the bouquet is beautiful, I love it!
May 24 by Virginia
Okay Marianne, I actually was assuming we were following already...let me check, I will make sure to do that now!
May 23 by Virginia
Dear Virginia,
Thank you for answering; yes, it works. Private messages can be exchanged between friends who follow each other. If you wish to follow somebody, go to their personal page and click on the star on top, on the right. If the star turns yellow, you are following the other.
May 23 by Marianne
Dear Marianne, I am not sure I know how to do a wall post, but giving it a try!
I am not very good at advice, but always glad to hear from you, yes please do leave a post...
May 23 by Virginia
Hello, Virginia
Good morning to you!
May I ask you for advice, in private? Thank you.
May 23 by Marianne
I also tried to chat with you but the first was not posted and I thought I hit the wrong key so I tried again and know I hit the right key but it still did not get posted...then you left. Stupid me, thinking these "walls" were private...
Apr 29 by Ladyhorse
I am so sorry, Ladyhorse. I do know that things like that happen in the medical profession, all too common, I am afraid.
Apr 28 by Virginia
Temp. was 96.2, heart racing and chills...weight was 97...talked to PCP and he didn't think I needed to get blood test...he  said if I had sepsis I couldn't get out of bed. He's been my PCP for over thirty years and still doesn't know how fear of hubs can make me tenacious? More proof to Rooster MD's really don't want people to get well. If we weren't sick we wouldn't need them and they lose money. I believe he can hear it in my voice and is waiting/hoping I'll be admitted in the ER so they get more $ for their "firm"!
Apr 28 by Ladyhorse
Thank you Dan
Apr 23 by Virginia


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  • Born by the Willapa River 1944 in the timber outback of Southwest Washington State.
    Spending my retirement saving the world, and I am only 90% joking with that!