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good movie
good book

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good movie

I prefer the good movie over the book.


No contest. A book wins every time.

good movie

the lazy side of me would put the hand up for a movie.....but, I have a whole book series by Patrick O'Brian waiting my attention.

For the record, it was from this series that the Aubrey/Maturin series evolved in to the wonderful sea going adventure Master & Commander with Russell Crowe.

I like a good story, either acted out or in the written word.

good movie

The good movie.

Darkest Serenity
good movie

Although I can get totally immersed when reading a book 

I do Love a good film 

World Cinema is hands down better than any of the Crap that comes out of America  lolz :P

that doesn't include the Classics like Scarface 

good movie

Not a movie person, but I think a movie a good one wins over the book.