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To get attention or some sort of demostration. The only things I can think of.

Possibly the only way left for some people to claim those 15 seconds of fame..

Worse things have happened in Fussball games.

Marianne TheOtherTink

Lol - we had some uproar about hikers in the mountains wearing only mountain shoes and backpack.

As to the football, or rather soccer foul, that was really way below the belt!

Because that's what assholes do.


Lol - that looks rather childish. :ermm::D


I personally like the streakers' love story because it's a cute and touching story about two people from opposite sides of the Earth who found each other.  Pity that those guards pulled them away from each other.

Also, I don't see what the big deal is.  Maybe if people stopped making a big deal about n*d*ty and seeing people n*de in public, whether at sporting events or anywhere else, this would no longer be such big and controversy news.  I swear...I feel like the only one in the USA who doesn't react the way everybody else does.  But, I refuse to change who I am and how I feel to "fit in" with society.  If I'm an outcast, then so be it.  I'd rather be an outcast who is true to himself than live a life of lies just to please everyone else.

N*de is not lewd.

Edit:  I just remembered to censor the words to avoid any warnings from the moderators.