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Most of us have had a site close down, what have been your experience...

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Quem Pergunta.

It was a Brazilian site
Darkest Serenity
What were the other 2 Gun ?
I was on BuzzDash for years. When it closed it gave us a month to prepare. Then I was told about SH by a friend from BuzzDash and went there. They deactivated me about two weeks before they changed. I went back as someone else, and they caught me pretty quick and deactivated me again. Then I found out from someone I had the e-mail of that they had changed into something else entirely. I've joined several different opinion sites since, but mainly stay on Facebook.
Platinum wtxwoman
Yahoo buzz England closed then yahoo buzz Australia and that closed both with notice...then soda who just ditched us all.....I remember your name...
I was on Ask for five years. Enjoyed it very much. We had a good thing going there.

Apart from that I've had two chess sites taken over by rivals and assimilated (a euphemism for closed down). I've been using the Internet since 2004 so that's not too bad.
Darkest Serenity

Only Sodahead , absolute Bastards not giving us any Warning and just pulling the plug on us.

That's weird , I can't Vote for anyone.
David4004 Darkest Serenity
I love that gif of the Titanic at the moment its lights go out.
@ :)

The one and only SodaHead, I still miss it and several people who I never heard from again.

None that mattered.
Soda Head was the big one.  I'd been on for 6 years.  There have been a few others I've tried, I don't recall that they closed......I left because they sucked basically.

First Yahoo Buzz, then SH, but at least Yahoo gave notice.

Platinum TheOtherTink
I was on English yahoo buzz and they gave us three months notice..then went on Australian yahoo buzz and they gave us notice.....soda ...zilch...

@ Platinum: Yes, what SH did was the pits. :-/