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Most of us have had a site close down, what have been your experience...

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dru tiger
Just SH, but that was quite a blow.
SodaHead and a couple of gaming clan sites.
I was on SodaHead for it's last 9 months.

After that I had accounts on Xsodaheads, Funkihead, TechDracula, Askaholics and Zangle.

Shut down all of them.

Right now I am on Amirite and on this one.
Platinum HegeMarie
Pleased to see you.
HegeMarie HegeMarie
Same to you, John :-)
Darkest Serenity HegeMarie



I don't remember you....did we argue, if so you must have been wrong..lol.

Only been on two.. Sodahead and TeamNetworks!  It's a Pity that TN turned out to be a Scam.:angry:

Platinum KrisD87
What do you mean a scam, I left but I could not deactivate,,,
KrisD87 KrisD87
It became pay subscription only even though they promised the members it would always be free!!..  I can't remember how much it was
5 or 6 over the years.

Many.  I was on Sodahead forever then it closed.  Currently,  I'm working on shutting Amirite down  

Platinum Oh_No_Its_Him
Why, if you don't like it ...ignore ...what has it done to you...
Oh_No_Its_Him Oh_No_Its_Him
I don't need a reason.
Platinum Oh_No_Its_Him
It won't happen...
Oh_No_Its_Him Oh_No_Its_Him
Platinum Oh_No_Its_Him
It's very hard to close a site down. Many people love that site and I think it could be a great site, with a few tweaks...did they throw you off....
Oh_No_Its_Him Oh_No_Its_Him
No. I'm standing right behind you  *tap*  *tap*

I remember that a congress site was closed once, when we still had to transmit information about this site. We had a lot of extra work, and the organiser could not be reached any more ...

And last year, SH closed down, and I am still looking for lost friends.

Platinum Marianne
Which friends I might have seen them around...
Marianne Marianne
Do you remember Dani?
Platinum Marianne
She is the one person that disappeared, really nice..
Marianne Marianne
Sadly enough, I could not find her ...
Shoeless Joe




Some file hosting sites I used closed down. I was using Tsu (social network). Tsu shut down in 2016.