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Skunky Stinkerson
Dan runs it and he does an good job at that..

Im wondering if this site earns money from ads?
It's the easiest site I've been on, just look across the top and it clearly shows you what to do, down the right hand side, the top next to avatar tells you any notifications and as you scroll down it tells you categories and further down  who is online......it's easier to ask about what you want to know...
Skunky Stinkerson Platinum
this is definitely the easiest, sodahead-like site out there... amirite down right sucks lol...
Platinum Platinum
Totally agree skunk....amirite must be the worst site around
Skunky Stinkerson Platinum
This site is soo much better in every way... i hope this site takes off and does well.. i don't want it to close :(
Platinum Platinum
This will grow quickly and as I'm certain it will be monitored properly, we can enjoy a great site....
Skunky Stinkerson Platinum
Dan actually listens to users feed back and requests. i really appreciate that he made the "email me if a comment is added after mine" is unchecked by default. that was really bugging me. im sure a lot of other people too... i do a lot of editing (tons) so it gets very annoying, very quickly having to uncheck the box every time) and these type of sites are notorious for filling up an inbox.

On this website you ask and answer questions and win friends.
On the right side appear the notifications.
It is easy to understand the operation.
Welcome smiley

Already looking for ways to bypass the rules and harass folks, eh?
Always! :)
At least you admit it.
Darkest Serenity
Why don't you join this Site Anonymous or have you already

I Personally don't want to see this Site filled with Anonymous Users  tbh and my many friends feel the same way.

Owner is Dan. Ask him about this website.