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Yeah i thinks so and that´s something which worries me a little.


I have heard some women testify there is nothing more painful than childbirth.

StarzAbove MidnightCowboy
It's nothing compared to a major back surgery.
Darkest Serenity
I told the Nurses that I'm giving Birth to this Alien in this Bath and if you think you can get my Fat ass out of this Bath Good Luck to ya because I am staying put  hahaha 
I locked the door XD  they were all trying to coax me out but then I got taken down to the Delivery room.

So Lucky I got my ass out of that Bath because there were complications and all mucking about aside , they Saved Courtney's Life :) and 24 hrs later ........mine :)

I've been thru worse Pain but I've never been so frickin Scared in my Life.

These are the times I'm really glad I'm a guy. Though I've heard kidney stones can be incredibly painful too--hope that never happens to me -_- 

In my opinion YES!  I had two children both natural and back in the day, when I delivered them, drugs were not given no way no how. 

Nah, it was a cake walk for me.

TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
You mean you chilled out in the waiting room, and weren't even in the delivery room?
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Yep, she had c-sections both times and way back then, they didn't let the father in the O.R. Just had to sit and wait.
TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
Ok, in that case, you're excused for not being there.  :-)
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Believe me, I wanted to.
TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
I believe you; you're one of the good guys.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Thanks Tink.

Well, depending on the person and the circumstances, it can be a most painful experience, but then there is an incomparable reward immediately thereafter.

And things were much worse 100 or more years ago, when the risk of dying in childbirth was not negligible, maybe 5%.




Okay.......I'm just gonna say I have no idea.  My sister tried to explain it to me like this.  She said, "take your pinkie fingers and place them in the corners of your mouth.........now pull it up over your head....."


Scientifically speaking kidney stones rank higher on the pain index, the highest ranking pain is Trigeminal Neuralgia.