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Darkest Serenity

Why when I fall asleep on the sofa , do you Sleep on my Face ?

lolz  you're very Cheeky  :D

Darkest Serenity
Someone has to!
@ GUN    You're getting Cheekier by the day   lolz


Do you have a preference for food that I've been getting you?

Darkest Serenity
@ GUN   Too practical , there must be something like

"Why do you fall asleep in every cardboard box I bring in this house  lolz  even a Shoe box , how you expect to get your Fat ass in there is beyond me but how you try my Furball"  XD

Well, we know how I am, don't we?

How would you like me to prepare the half bird you brought into the kitchen?



All these years and you never told me you can talk????!!!!:O:'(

First question:

Dog is on pillow.

Me: Why do you like pillows, sweetie?

My Dog: Pillows are comfy and you use them too.

Second Question:

The dog has a prop in his mouth.

Me: That isn't a dog toy. Why are you playing with it?"

My Dog: It is a dog toy, to me.