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My favorite still remains the original 1968 version:


Roy Munson MidnightCowboy

never did see that one but I heard it was a large influence on the creation of Return of the Living Dead.


Shaun of the Dead


Night of the Living Dead. The only zombie movie I have seen.


amberleechoo HegeMarie
Du både se Død snø. Det är en norsk zombie film som jag tycker är väldigt bra.
HegeMarie HegeMarie
Ja, jeg har hørt om den men ikke fått sett den. Det er kommet en oppfølger også.
amberleechoo HegeMarie
Ja jag har också sett 2:an.
HegeMarie HegeMarie
Jeg skal se om jeg får tak i dem.

Resident Evil Movies.

Darkest Serenity Paula
@ Amber , now they are impressive

I'm not crazy about zombie horror movies.

But I do watch C-span sometimes when the US House and Senate are in session.

All the zombies anyone could wish for, especially the party-line liberal Democrats.

@ Tink   lolz

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink
@ Ser:   LOL!!!

But nevertheless, it is a fact that the Iron Lady had more testosterone than any of the PMs since.  :-)

Død snø (Dead snow) and Zombieland and Warm Bodies.image


@  Amber  I watched this before Xmas  OMFG  it was pants  lolz  :P

HegeMarie amberleechoo
It paints a very realistic picture of Norway :-)

I'm hugely addicted to The Walking Dead.....but that's it.

amberleechoo Freeranger
So no zombie movie you like?
Freeranger Freeranger
nah.....not really.....oh wait!  There is one, I'm typing away here and didn't look up until now but.....Zombieland with Woody Harrelson was pretty hilarious.  So.....looks like I lied right?
Other than that, and Walking Dead.....I'd say probably nada.
Fuzzy Corona

Warm Bodies for unconventional, Zombieland for conventional

Although technically not a movie the battle in the Game of Thrones episode Hardhome is the best zombie battle I've ever seen.


Dawn of the Dead (1978)


Darkest Serenity

I don't like Zombie films in general but Shaun of the Dead cracked me up