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Now, I must ask a silly question:

On an international level, women's rugby, soccer and American football championships, cups, etc. are organised. Don't they have same or similar championships, cups or challenges for women on a national level, like for soccer or rugby in Europe, for instance?





MidnightCowboy Marianne
I just know there has never been a woman football player allowed to play in the NFL.

Well, when Bernie Sanders becomes president, he'll organize the Nationalized Football League.

It will have equal representation of men and women players, and of course all races, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, transgenders, etc. will all likewise be represented according to their percentages of the general population.  For all groups, ability to play football will not be a factor, because that would be discriminatory and insensitive.

Oh, and watching the games will be mandatory, or else you will incur a hefty fine by the IRS.

Feel the Bern, rah, rah!  Feel the Bern, rah, rah!  Goooo, Bernie!


Yeah I thinks so.

Roy Munson

absolutely not.

If there are enough women wanting to play football and are unable to because the league doesn't exist, they should create WNFL :)  Of course, they'd need to bring in enough money and the players definitely need to be selected by whatever requirements. 

It looks like the problem is that the programs probably won't be as popular and demanded for as the original NFL's.